Why Hire An Architect?

Today, there are numerous options for building your new home. Contractors, builders and designers are everywhere. Pre-drawn home plans are in the backs of nearly every home and garden magazine. New developments offer customization. The options are nearly endless. So why bother hiring an architect?

  • Good Design Matters

    A home is a functioning, living space that can enhance and improve your quality of life when designed well. A well-designed home is beautiful, unique and proportional. It also must function according to your wants, desires and needs. It is custom to you, your family and your budget down to the tiniest detail. And design is the life-long obsession of an architect.

  • Professional & Licensed Service Matters

    Licensed by the state, an architect is the only professional specially trained to design spaces for living and working from the design phase through construction. Architects spend their entire professional lives training to master the art of design and the practice of construction.

  • An Architect Has Your Best Interests At Heart

    Above all, the architect is YOUR professional and serves as your advocate through the process. Designing and building a home can be a difficult and very complex process. Most consumers don’t understand everything from blueprints to site planning and fixtures to roofing specifications. Architects are experts in those things and will serve as your agent and representative when tough and complex decisions have to be made. Unlike contractors and subcontracts, their loyalty is to you and your vision for your home.

  • Architects Save You Money & Time

    Architects spend their days keeping up with the latest construction methods, materials and technology. They can recommend the methods that best fit your budget and project. Your architect will also help you during the contractor bidding process, ensuring the price is fair and the services and expertise fit your project. Construction is expedited by your architect, who oversees planning, drawings and specifications.  The architect serves as your agent with the contractor, resolving disputes that may arise and analyzing additional costs the contractor proposes.

Resources for Architects

Download the American Institute for Architects Guide: “You And Your Architect, A Guide For A Successful Partnership (PDF)

Learn more about the value of an architect at at the American Institute for Architects’ web guide to architects

Interested in becoming an architect? We highly recommend the LSU School of Architecture.