Our Design Philosophy

Dining Room

You can feel it in the antique brick, smell it in the centuries old European fireplace and hear it in the crackle of old New Orleans reclaimed wood.

An Al Jones Home Is Honest & Authentic

An Al Jones home is not trying to be something it is not. It is proportional and scaled. It embodies the true character, charm and markers of its original style.

It Has A Sense of Permanence & History

An Al Jones home, even brand new, appears to have a story to tell. There is history behind the home. It’s as if the neighborhood grew up around it and not the other way. It is firmly rooted.

It Uses Reclaimed Materials As They Were Meant To Be Used

Using reclaimed materials is not unique to Al Jones, but the way an Al Jones homes incorporates reclaimed materials is different. The materials are sourced differently, hand picked differently, crafted differently and ultimately used differently. They’re used for what they were originally designed for, with purpose, intent and authenticity.

It Is Defined By Quality Craftsmanship

Al Jones has always stood for quality and value beyond what is offered in residential design and construction.  We look and work for perfection in our projects.  We are very careful in selecting a builder that will build with the care and expertise we expect.

It Has Curb Appeal…

An Al Jones home stands out from other house designs.  They are detailed carefully and have proportion and scale that give them appeal even to the untrained eye.

…While Being Rooted In Tradition, With Modern Convenience

An Al Jones home is made to be lived in. It is made for families with modern floor plans, designs and convenience. An Al Jones home doesn’t sacrifice comfort and livability.

We work for perfection in our projects. I tell my clients that my goal is for them to love their house more and more the longer they live in it and every time they drive home down their driveway they will love it more.

It’s a demanding goal but an achievable one.

– Al Jones
President AJA