Fees & Process

Al Jones Architect designs and builds custom homes across the South. And, no matter the project budget, our fee structure remains the same. Like most architects, compensation is calculated by applying an agreed-upon percentage to the estimated or actual cost of the work.

Our work process has been fine-tuned over nearly 40 years to help all parties get the most out of their experience together in building a home or office. We take pride in being with our clients through every step so our clients actually enjoy the entire process of building a home.

Example Fess & Process

1. Initial contact & meeting

2. Contract agreement: We prepare a standard AIA contract for you to sign. A small fee is required at this time, but is credited back to the owner at the Plans and Specifications phase. Our fees are then determined by an agreed upon percentage of construction costs.

3. Begin preliminary process :

  1. Site Information: Information on the lot of property. Site surge, restrictions, easements, topographical information and location of trees and other structures.
  2. Specific Design Requirements: Information such as rooms, sizes, lifestyle, size of dining room table, kitchen appliances, baths and closet requirements.
  3. Design Style: European, Southern Colonial, Louisiana French Country, Georgian, Italian, Mediterranean, Coastal States, Spanish, Caribbean or other style.

4. Preliminary Presentation:

  1. A colored rendering of the front of the house.
  2. A site plan showing residence in relation to property.
  3. A scale floor plan showing rooms, sizes, square footage and the residence on property.

5. Preliminary Approval Phase: Approval of the preliminary is when the basic concept and overall design is approved.

6. Plans & Specs Phase: Developed from the preliminary presentation phase, making revisions and changes per owner request. This task usually takes 6-8 weeks, but can take longer. The owner is constantly kept abreast of all changes and additional steps.

7. Bidding/Contract Phase: This is where we assist you in identifying and hiring the best possible contractor for your project. We assist you in the entire bidding process.

8. Contract signing with builder:

9. Construction Phase: During this phase, the architect will visit the site as required by owner and contractor. He will also make unscheduled trips to the job site as he sees fit.

10. Final billing