Al Jones Architect is the Baton Rouge, LA based architecture firm of renowned architect Al Jones. The firm specializes in custom home design and renovation rooted in tradition and coupled with modern, livable, luxury.

The firm is known for its building designs, craftsmanship and use of unique and reclaimed materials which give their homes a sense of history and permanence.

Al Jones designs have been constructed across the southern states including Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia. The firm also does commercial design such as offices and office complexes, churches and other non-residential structures where the firm can bring its unique flavor to the project.

Louisiana Architect Al Jones has been in private practice since 1973, after working for A. Hays Town, Architect, for eight years. His designs have been featured in various publications.

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At 71, Jones has plenty of memories of his own with more than 40 years’ experience as a residential architect, a productive stretch as the acclaimed protégé of Time magazine-approved, Creole-inspired icon A. Hays Town, and decades as one of the more prolific and unique home designers in Baton Rouge.

NEW ORLEANS – The crescent city is unique. It’s the music, the food, the architecture, the people, Mardi Gras, poboys, and so on and so forth.