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New Price: Signed Copies of A. Hays Town Preliminary Sketches For Sale

Update: We still have a few of these rare signed copies to sell, so we’re lowering the price to $1500. If you are interested, please call us at 225.925.0123 or fill out the form below.

It’s fairly well known that Mr. A . Hays Town was Al Jones’ mentor. So occasionally we have folks who bring us photographs, drawings and plans from Mr. Town. But of all the Hays Town related things we have seen, these books are probably among the most desirable and rare. To cap it off, they’re autographed by Mr. Town himself.

In 1985, Mr. Town published a limited number of large coffee style books showcasing 106 of his remarkable sketches of homes he designed. “The Architectural Styles of A. Hays Town” has since remained a highly-coveted collection of his works. We have 8 pristine copies of this piece of art. Each are signed by Mr. Town himself. We’re offering these to our friends, fans and clients through our website first (we’d hate to see these go to an anonymous person on Ebay).

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact us via the form below or contact us by phone. The price for this rare signed book is $1500.



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